Sexual transmutation is about transforming and using Sexual Energy as a fuel for your body. It can be used to heal and energise your body or for creativity.

To understand about esoteric sexual practices, it’s essential to understand the idea of sexual transmutation.  Transmutation means transformation or alchemisation, and is central to both Taoism and Tantra.

Taoism, Tantra and Sexual Transmutation

The symbol of the lotus is prevalent in both traditions.  It is a flower that reaches down for several miles into the mud, and then emerges as a magnificent flower.  It literally transforms mud into the flower.

One Tantric practice was actually for devotees to hang out in graveyards.  They would wait for mourners to come and then cheer them up, alchemising their grief.  Similarly, Taoists would transform fear into tranquillity or hate into love.

These traditions hold that alchemy is the purpose of living.  That we are here to learn and develop through this process.

sexual transmutation

How Can You Transmute Sexual Energy?

How Does Your Body Transmute Sexual Energy?

Taoism describes our bodies as alchemisation factories.  We contain three chambers that transform our energy in the following ways:

  1. Our basic energy is called jing.  This is the raw material from which we are made.  Its our DNA and also manifest as our sexual energy.  The first step of alchemy is to transform this into chi.
  2. This is done in an area an inch below the navel called the lower Tan Tien. Jing Energy is transformed there into chi.  For the purpose of this book, you can visualise jing as the horny feeling and chi as an energised feeling.
  3. Once the lower Tan Tien is full, the chi will start to rise up towards the Heart. This is where the second Tan Tien is.  In the Heart, the chi is transmuted into an energy called shen.  You can compare this to the feeling of love.
  4. Once the Heart is full of Shen energy, this rises up to the upper Tan Tien which is by the pineal gland. Here is transforms into original Tao energy, the energy that we come from.  This can be compared to enlightenment.  Interestingly enough, when this activates you actually get a feeling of light in your brain.


The framework is described slightly differently in Tantra, however, it’s referring to the same thing.  The concept of Kundalini awakening relates to this process.

What Does it Feel Like to Transmute Sexual Energy

When the energy transmutes, it’s a definite feeling.  Your body starts to vibrate.  It’s actually what full body orgasms are.  You need to have your body transmuting to get them.

When you go through this process, your body becomes highly sensitive.  Old pains can disappear.  It’s not unusual to get orgasms in any part of your body.  You can experience orgasms from gentle touch.

If you are a man, your experience of orgasm and ejaculation will start to separate.  In other words, you will be able to have a series of multiple orgasms without ejaculating.

The alchemy process is the natural state of your body.  In other words, your energy naturally should flow upwards.

In most people it does not.  That is because of tension in your body that blocks the meridians that the energy flows through.  This is much in the same way as how tension can impede blood flow.

What Stops Sexual Transmutation?

The cause of this tension is generally unresolved emotions.  These will cause parts of the body to contract.  Classicly, feelings of shame and guilt (in particular about sexuality) tense the area above the pubic bone and block this meridian.  Fear of love (being hurt) blocks the area of the thoracic diaphragm.

It is essential to understand your emotions.  I strongly recommend to practice Taoist Inner Alchemy, so that you can come to understand your emotions.  The practice allows you to clear emotional blockages and is a precursor to moving your sexual energy up.

In fact Mantak Chia recommends to never practice sexual alchemy without doing inner alchemy.  The sexual practices move powerful energy upwards.  If you have not found a way to clear your emotional field, it can cause problems as the energy shoots up and get’s obstructed.

Signs and Symptoms of Blocked Sexual Energy

Classic signs of this are getting emotional, body pains, back pain or pain around the groin.  Specifically, if you are blocked in your heart, you can have angry outbursts because the energy that tries to reach your heart will bounce down into your liver and irritate it.

If the energy is getting stuck lower down, it’s not unusual to get back pain and pain in the groin.  The cause of this is unprocessed guilt and shame.

I can’t emphasise enough how powerful the Taoist practices are.  They need to be taken seriously.

Master Chia teaches a step by step and simple way to transmute the energy.  It is important to form a relaitonship with your body by following these stages.

Although some parts, like getting comfortable with your emotions, you may resist, these are really important.  Sexual energy and emotions go hand in hand.  This is all about love, both for yourself and your beloved.  It is also about self devlopment.

Nature forces us to heal our emotions by tying them into our sexual energy.  Although it may seem like hard work, in the end the benefits are real.  To exerience full body pleasure and orgasms you need to be real with your emotions.

Then you are free to fully experience your sexuality.




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