The Quantum field is the infinite field of matter and energy which lies between atomic particles.  It’s the space where all that cannot be explained by conventional science (and that’s a lot!) occurs.  It defies the laws of conventional physics, and while many scientific theories exist as to it’s nature, essentially it is the realm of magic.

Since the beginning of time, people have seen that things exist that defy the rules of logic.  This is how spirituality and eventually religion came about.  People longed to explain what could not be explained, and so every culture has created dieties, myths and legends to make sense of this part of the story.

We can talk about the magic of the law of attraction, of our intention, the power of positive thinking.  Yet why do we deny that arguably the most magical and mysterious part of human life is our sexual energy.

The most primitive ancient humans knew that between their legs lay a magical secret that gave happiness, health and of course new life.  It was a place that brought about the most incredible delight that could change misery to happiness in moments.

Why the western world decided to turn sex into a sin somehow still remains a mystery to me.  The argument that it’s because repressing our sexuality gives them power over us rings true, but are (some) people really that mean?  Surely being human, being alive, means that we should be bubbling with energy and indeed bubbling with horny energy too.

But let’s be honest, horny energy has got a bad name.  Is sexual energy really like anger, an innately dark force that we need to suppress so as not to be overrun by evil?  Although the control of Christianity has largely dissipated from our culture, the idea that sex is a dirty secret still remains.

In my quest to discover the true nature of the magic of human sexuality, I found myself looking to cultures on the other side of the world, the very few cultures that hadn’t been influenced by Christianity.  Cultures like the Yequena, who fascinate anthropologists exactly because they are still living as humans did back in the stone age.

The Yequana, “uncivilised” as you get, are amongst the most content, peaceful, and oh, did I say civilised people on earth.  They have no morals or rules around sex, and they pair bond for life as teenagers.  Sex acts, devoid of any idea of guilt and shame, take place infront of others including children.  There is no sexual assault and harassment, and neither has anyone ever considered the concept of masturbation.

To westerners, the idea of having sex in front of other people, especially children, is horrifying.  Indeed we live in a culture that is saturated with all kinds of child abuse and pedophilia, so it’s hardly surprising.  What I am questioning is the idea that our western experience of sexuality is the norm, in fact I am suggesting that it’s a perverse twist of a most beautiful and natural thing.

Let’s visit another part of the world, in another time, and go to China.  You see, the idea that sex is this shameful thing never really took off in China.  For thousands of years, it’s generally been understood that sexual energy is life force energy, and that it can be used to improve our health.  It was understood that certain sexual positions could heal certain organs, and fathers would teach their boys to massage their own sexual organs, to keep sexual functioning to it’s optimum into old age.

India today is well known today for sexual oppression, yet this is actually a fairly recent phenomenon.  Until Victorian times, much of India was matriarchal, and sex was considered a skill which one often learnt from one’s “aunt” as a 14 year old.

When I think of these differing attitudes to what we would call sexual abuse of children in our culture, there’s one thing that comes to mind.  Watching any sexually explicit Hollywood film or Netflix series, one could easily be fooled into thinking that sex is an adrenalised and often aggressive rush to ejaculate into the female’s body which lasts a few moments.  In fact some sex scenes I have seen, with no critical narrative, I would basically describe as rape.

Now, when the Yequana make love in front of their children, you don’t see Daddy grabbing mummy and pumping himself into her and then dropping over onto the side half dead, it’s a gentle connection of soft movements.  Reading the sex manuals of ancient China going back thousands of years, again, there’s no pumping and ramming, in fact sex is not seen as a means to ejaculate in general.

So why do we Europeans (Judeo-Christians) seem to have this approach that’s not shared by other cultures?  Why are we rushing to relieve all this tension in our bodies in a burst of aggressive sex?  When it comes to rushing, there is one reason we do this, and that is, we aren’t comfortable.  If we relax, we spend our time, smell the flowers and enjoy the breeze.

Our ingrained attitude of cultural superiority assures us that this is how all humans act, that the “uncivilised” are savages that would rape and eat each other, were it not for our superior oversight.

What if everything we think we know about sex is wrong?

What if everything we are doing, instead of being life enforcing and rejuvenating, is actually killing us from deep inside our bodies?

What if women losing their libido, men losing their potency, is a mere result of badly practiced sex, and nothing to do with the natural course of things?

What if the guilt and shame that we were indoctrinated with as children, that lies in our bodies, often beyond our awareness, is actually shaping us? Turning us into a nation of true savages that are hurting each other just because we can’t own the fact that we are sexual beings and that’s OK?

Most importantly, what can we do about this?

Because, if other people on the other side of the world are somehow enjoying their sexuality without swinging between excess and guilt, without repressing themselves and living in fear of that burst of lifeforce between their legs, surely we can do something about it too?

Surely we can return to that Garden of Eden where we lived in innocence and harmony, and nothing that was intrinsically part of us was wrong…



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