Learn how to transmute Sexual Energy to open your Third Eye and activate your pineal gland.  Through transmuting sexual energy, you can activate your pineal gland to produce DMT and create visionary states.

Sexual Energy is key to life.  Indeed, it’s what creates new life, but even within our own bodies, it’s key to our health.  By learning to transmute sexual energy, we can bring it into our bodies and transform it into life giving energy to increase our health and vitality.

The same energy can also be transformed into creativity and resourcefulness, but the magic really happens when the energy rises up into our third eye and activates your pineal gland to produce DMT.  When people talk about third eye activation, this is what they mean.

Secret of the Ancients

In ancient times, people knew there was a connection between enlightenment, higher consciousness and sexual energy.  These cultures, which predated Judaism or Christianity, sought to live in harmony with the world around them.  They experienced their bodies as wondrous connections to the magical world that they lived in.

There was no concept of anything about the body or indeed sexuality being shameful, therefore they were free to experience their bodies is a state of natural curiosity.  They observed without shame, experienced and experimented.

Living in such a way, it’s inevitable that they observed, enjoyed and shared the wonders of their sexuality.  This wasn’t done in the limited way that the porn industry limites the imagination of viewers .  Porn shows a specific style of a limited sexual experience that blocks people just like religion.  Free from preconceptions and guilt, they were able to learn about our pleasure anatomy.

They observed what happened when people had orgasms and the kind of orgasms that they had.  They observed some orgasms went down the legs and others up the body, and when they rose up into the brain, they observed something happening.

How to Transmute Sexual Energy?

We are all familiar with sexual energy as a stirring of sensation between our legs.  You may well also know the feeling when this builds up into sexual frustration.  Hopefully you have also had the experience of being in love; making love.  You experienced how the sexual energy feels different when you are in love.

Transmuting sexual energy means that, instead of it creating a feeling of frustration, in other words being blocked, it is able to rise up your body.  This is what happens when we experience true love and our hearts become open.  The sexual energy rises up into our hearts to feed our bodies.

Once the energy has reached your heart, it will spread through your body and start to heal your cells.  From there, it’s free to rise up into your brain and find your pineal gland.  When archaic cultures spoke of enlightenment, this is literally what they meant because when the sexual energy fills the centre of the brain, we literally feel light inside our heads.

Tips and Tricks

For men, the most important thing to do if you want to transmute your sexual energy is to avoid ejaculation.  By retaining your semen, you are able to increase the energy you have at your disposal.  The advice for women is to avoid clitoral orgasms and the type of orgasm that you feel travelling down your legs.

Once you have your build up of energy, you then need to move it up your body.  Meditation and relaxed breathing exercises are essential, and the practice of Taoist Sexual Alchemy meditation is ideal.

Check out this link to a blog I wrote with full details of how to get the energy flowing upwards.  But most of all remember that this is about creating harmony with your body, your energy, emotions and your spirit.  It’s about developing yourself to become the optimum being you are capable to be.




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