Woman's Sex Guide

The Woman’s Sex Guide: 13 Tips and Tricks to make sure you get the ultimate satisfaction in bed.  Learn to ask to get the orgasms that you want and deserve.  Stop feeling guilty about asking; instead learn to gently guide your beloved to your gates of bliss.

I have heard so many men complaining that women don’t know what they want in bed.  They complain that women are passive and that this is just boring.  On the other hand, I speak to women who are scared to say what they want in case they hurt their partners.

Women’s Sex Guide: Why Aren’t we Talking about Our Desires?

How can men and women be at such odds about this?  Indeed, why aren’t we talking?  Truth is that most people grow up with little meaningful conversation around sex.  Most people don’t even learn to meaningfully explore what they enjoy, let alone to state it or ask their partner what they want.

Men, who are taught to be leaders, are expected to know it all.  What is more, they are in fact terrified that if they ask, they will be thought of as incompetent.  On the other hand, most women are not just afraid to ask, they really have no idea what they want either.  When you see statistics that 80% of women don’t orgasm from intercourse, truth is, you can hardly be surprised.

Woman's sEx Guide

Woman’s Sex Guide: How to Ask for What you Want in Bed

Woman’s Sex Guide:  How to Know Yourself

In order to ask for what we want, we need to know what we want.  Furthermore, to know what we want we need to explore.  Of course, it’s much easier for men who have their sexual organs right in front of our eyes.  However, as women, we have a much greater pleasure potential.  We have more errogenous zones, multiple orgasms, and internal sexual organs which mean that the pleasure is right in the core of our being.

Here are my Top Tips and Tricks to get you into the space where you know what You want.  To effortlessly get you bringing the techniques that will blow your mind right to you.  By following these steps, you will bring the ultimate pleasure right onto your lap.

Listen to Your Body

We are all different.  Listening to your body is key.  If you are the average woman, you have likely been raised not to do this.  Stop thinking about what others want.  When it comes to your body, you are the empress.  Learn to tune into your deepest instincts and go with them.

Learn to Say No

If you cannot say no, there is no way you can give a whole-hearted yes to anything.  Men say no all the time!  You are fully entitled to say no if your body isn’t screaming out yes.  My experience is that men prefer women to say what they want and take control in bed.

Explore on Your Own

I prefer the term “self-pleasuring” to masturbation.  In fact, I take it one more step and turn my pleasure into a meditation; a sensual ritual of self-discovery.  Rather than mindlessly banging with as much pressure as possible, I gently and slowly explore the different sensations I can experience.

Practice Breathing into Your Belly

In order to know what your body want’s, you need to be in your body.  Lying in bed and doing relaxed breathing is the best way to bring yourself into your body.  Practice slowing it down, relaxing further with each breath.  You will start to experience an intense pleasure sensation in your whole body once you master this.

Get Comfortable with Your Emotions

You ability to experience pleasure is dependant on your ability to experience emotions.  If you are repressing your feelings, you will go numb.  Your body will tense up.  You pleasure will shut down.  Don’t be embarrassed about your emotions.  Feel them and embrace them.

Talk to Your Friends about What They Like

Sharing with friends is great, not just because of the information that you can pick up.  It’s also a great chance to practice developing the language of sex-talk.

Slow it Down

Just like you slowed down your breathing, slow down your sex.  As you slow down, the sensation intensifies and you start to get to know little pockets of pleasure.  This is where you will be guiding him.

Woman’s Sex Guide:  How To Ask for What You Want and Get It

Start Bringing the Conversation Deeper

Relationships are based on meaningful conversation.  Therefore, If you can’t talk about what you want, your relationship is just waiting for it’s sell-by date.  Talking about feelings, including emotions and sexual feelings, is key to having and intimate relationship.  What works between each couple is unique, however this is a skill you must develop.

Meditate Together

Couples that meditate together have much better sex.  You dont need to do anything complex.  Invite him to join you for belly breathing.  You can sit opposite each other, holding each others gaze while matching your breathing.  Congratulations, you are practicing Tantra!

Explain to Him that You Want to Explore Your Pleasure

Talk about the self-pleasuring techniques that you have been trying.  Invite him to gently start exploring with you.  Own your pleasure, know your pleasure and live it.  Make it your life.  Your pleasure is literally the divine in you.  Revere it.

Know that you are Never Wrong when you Say what you Want

When it comes to your pleasure, you are never wrong.  Saying No to something you don’t feel 100% into is as important as telling what you want.  You cannot say yes unless you can say no, so don’t be embarrassed to speak your truth.

Avoid the Usual Places

The clitoris is old hat.  You have so much more to explore in terms of your pleasure.  You have 5 other documented pleasure spots, plus others that are waiting for you to explore.

Have Fun

You pleasure is a serious topic.  Yet it’s also a lot of fun.  Make sure you enjoy the exploration, have a giggle, and don’t be afraid to be goofy.  In fact, intense pleasure can be super goofy


Pleasure doesn’t exist in a vacuum.  In fact, exploring your pleasure is about exploring your soul.  Your pleasure is not a luxury, in truth it’s essential to your existence.  It is the sign from the Universe that what you are doing is right.




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