lymphatic system

Your lymphatic system plays an important role in cleaning your body.  Did you also know it is essential for sexual health and your ability to experience pleasure?

The lymphatic system moves fluids through the tissues of your body.  It removes toxins and deposits them into your blood stream for elimination via the Kidneys.  It’s role is similar to the circulation of blood, however, it’s far less well known.

The Lymphatic System and Energy Flow

Your lymphatic can become blocked.  There’s usually a correllation between lack of exercise and toxic overload when this happens.  Tension in your body as well as viruses or bacterial infection can also play a role.  When you have a sore throat you may well have felt the lymph nodes swelling.  These nodes are all over the body and can swell if the lymph isn’t flowing well.

The main parts of your body where lymphatic builds up is around the groin and around the armpits.  If your lymph isn’t moving, it’s easy for serious disease to occur.  This is one reason that movement and relaxation is essential.  Some exercises, like weight lifting, can block lymphatic because it causes tension in the body.  It’s really important that you do plenty of stretching to get it flowing.

lymphatic system

The Lymphatic System has a bearing of Sexual Pleasure

In Chinese Theory, the term chi flow is quite common but often hard to grasp.  Look at it like this.  The flow of chi, blood and lymphatic run parallel.  Stagnation of chi results in build up of lymph.  When lymph starts to build up, there is lumpiness, swelling and discomfort.

Sexual Blockages and Lymph Blockages

These build ups tend to be around either your groin or armpits.  According to Chinese Theory, blocked sexual energy specifically results in blocked lymph in the groin.  Very often, you will notice lumps and discomfort if you look closely.  Because people rarely massage themselves here, it often goes unnoticed.

It’s very common for there to be a lot of discomfort around the pubic bone specifically if the sexual energy and lymphatic is blocked.  I find this is common in my clients who have premature ejaculation.  In women, it’s not uncommon for the entire vagina to get blocked.  This manifests as lack of sensation and swelling as well as discolouration.  Inside, it can be felt as lumpiness and roughness as well as inability to orgasm.

Of course, the two systems play together.  What often happens is that unprocessed emotions around sexuality such as guilt and shame will cause the groin area to tense.  This blocks both the lymphatic and the energy.

It’s essential that the groin is relaxed and that the energy flows.  That’s because every time that you are aroused, your sexual organs fill with blood.  When the blood leaves, it often leaves behind a sediment of toxins.  If this gets stuck, your sexual organs will literally clog up.

KarSai Nei Tsang and the Lymphatic System

Karsai Nei Tsang is an Asian massage that addresses this problem specifically.  It works on the level of clearing the lumps and inflammation in the groin. Karsai is an ancient technique that was designed to maintain sexual health into old age.

If you notice that you have lumps in your groin, you can visit a Karsai practitioner.  The session involves a full body massage to relax the body.  The practitioner will then spend some time massaging your stomach to open up the flow of blood.  It’s important that the blood from your abdomen can reach all your tissues in your groin.

Therepeutic abdominal massage is called Chi Nei Tsang.  When the blood is flowing well into your organs, you feel much more energy and also the organs work better.  Many people will keep unresolved emotions stored in their abdomen, which causes tension.  This tension effects the flow of blood and chi.

Give Yourself Karsai Nei Tsang

It’s extremely beneficial to massage your own lymphatic system.  You should use some natural oil like coconut oil.

Start with your abdomen, gently rubbing the whole area.  You can use oil if you like.  It’s important to check for any lumps and hardness.  Then massage gently to release the tension.  You may find this is painful.  Massage yourself to the edge of your pain threshold but don’t go overboard.

Next, bring your attention to your thighs.  Use the oil and massage up your legs, keeping them straight.  Work gently over lumps and bumps, slowly releasing them.  You can then massage the area at the joint with your body and pubic bone.  You may find it tender, so go gently, building up.

The more you massage yourself, the pain will dissipate and you will go very deep.  As you release the blockages, the lumps and hardness disappear.  If you are a man, massage your testicles, penis and groin area well.  By doing this, you can help to prevent cancers.

How to Clear Blocked Lymph in Your Vagina

For women, massaging the labia is important.  You can start with circles of your palms to loosen the tissues.  Then work over the inner and outer labia, gently massaging between index finger and thumb.  It’s also good to get an internal Karsai Massage as there is often blocked lymphatic inside your vagina.

You can do it yourself or ask your partner or a friend to help.  You must massage very slowly and gently.  This is so that you can feel well what is happening.  Sweep with your finger, finding any rough areas or tension.  Gently massage to release.  Within 5-10 minutes, you will start to notice that the skin becomes smooth.  You will also notice a change in sensitivity.

You can also use a jade egg. Actually, you may find it’s easier to do it this way.  I recommend to get some instruction from someone who learned with Mantak Chia.  Then you can learn how to meditate to unblock the energy as well as working on the physical level.

Understanding About Sexual Blockages

Of course, meditating with your sexual energy is also a good way to unblock your lymphatic.  That is because this relaxes your groin.  It also releases emotions.  It’s important that you understand these blockages exist on a physical, emotional and energetic level.

You can work on any level to release them.  If one level isn’t working, try another one.  But especially be aware of the danger of repressing emotions which ultimately is the cause of most blockages.




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