read body language in bed

Learn to effortlessly read body language in bed in 9 Simple Steps.  Mastering the art of reading body language in bed is essential to being a great lover.  If you can’t read how your beloved is responding to your touch, you will always be fumbling in the dark, even with the lights on.

Communicating and reading desire and response is essential to great sex.  Yet it’s something people struggle with terribly.  We have been fed a myth on popular media that great sex is all about “getting lost in the passion of the moment”.  In reality, this has stopped people exploring their pleasure and lead to a pattern of rushed sex.  The results are premature ejaculation and a huge deficit in female orgasms, as well as accusations of impropriety.

I know you are reading this because you passionately care about being a master lover.  I am here to give you the secret that will take you into that top 1% of lovers.  You need to know how to master the art of verbal and non-verbal communication to do this.

You Can Read Body Language to Become a Super-Lover

Read Body Language in Bed

Learn to Effortlessly Read Your Beloved’s Body Language in Bed

Making love is like a dance.  It’s a connection of two people from soul to soul.  Of course, you can opt for the masturbatory style of sex just for your own gratification, but this isn’t going to keep your relationship going or your self-respect for that matter.  When you truly connect with your beloved and follow the flow, magic really happens.

Actually, I feel that the importance of great sex in keeping a relationship going is often overlooked. Indeed, people often undervalue the importance of sexual techniques, claiming that love will get them through it.  Don’t kid yourself, bad sex is traumatic and it’s the reason why so many relationships end up sexless.  Be honest, that’s not where you want to end up.

Indeed, to sustain your relationship, loving, gentle and exploratory sex is key.  Hard banging for an orgasm is likely in time to lead to a sexual shut down.  That’s because too often it goes against her physiology.  By banging into the internal organs of the woman when she isn’t relaxed and prepared through foreplay, you damge her.  The body is literally shutting down to save itself.

Of course this has emotional repurcussions for her and also for you and your relationship.  In any case, the banging sex shown in porn is far from the ultimate pleasure we can experience.  It just looks good on film.

You can follow these simple steps to learn to connect with your beloved so that both of you can have your desires met and surpassed.  In fact, these are tricks from martial arts that will allow you to perfect your skills in bed.

Forget about your Ejaculation

Sex that focuses on the male ejaculation has been the norm for centuries.  It’s part of the anti-sex religious puritanism that sought to keep people from their pleasure.  If your focus is your orgasm you are pleasuring yourself on her.  Fullstop.  So let that go.

Breathe Deeply and Slow

Your breath is key to this.  Slow it right down and breathe into your belly.  In this way you become aware of and connectied with your body.  That’s the key to connecting with hers, not your brain.  In fact, switch off your brain and feel!  You also take control of the speed of your love-making and your ejaculation.

Slow Everything Down to a Fraction of the Speed

In order to connect and read, you must go slow.  Very slow.  In fact there is no too slow!  Tate time to consciously set the pace and connect together so you are at the same speed.

Make lots of Eye-Contact, Watching her Face and Movement.

This is something from martial arts; we always watch and stay connected with what we are doing.  Don’t just look, see.  You can see her expression in her face.  Her movements or lack of movement tells you whether she’s feeling it.

Watch her Breathing and Encourage her to Breathe with You

Breathing is important for everyone.  People hold their breath when they aren’t comfortable.  At the same time deep breathing makes people more comfortable.  If she’s holding her breath, it’s a sign to slow down and reconnect.

Be Aware of the Feeling of Love in Your Heart and Connect with Hers

In our Hearts lies our love and our passion.  Feel a sense of excitement and passion to explore.  You can focus into your heart and feel the love there too, and use your intention to connect to the love in her heart.  This will enable you to literally feel her soul.

Sense The Energy and Share it

Sexual Energy is exactly that, energy.   It’s something you both will be feeling.  By breathing to slow down and relax, your ability to feel the energy activates.  Feel your energy and hers, and use your intention to merge the energies together.  Feeling into her energy is key, then you literally become part of a dance where you move together in perfect time.

Don’t Hesitate to Hesitate

To get a woman’s body ready for sex can take a long time.  Female Pleasure Anatomy is really complex too.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that women are men!  Take the time.  It’s very powerful to wait and let her body prepare.  Then you can let her energy build up so she’s gagging for it.

Verbal Communication is Important too

Let’s be honest, none of us are mind readers.  I know people are often scared to ask, but don’t be.  It’s not a sign of being clumsy, it shows you care.  Ask about how your beloved is feeling and ask what she wants.  It’s good to verbally communicate before penetration too just to double check if she’s with you.  Talking is sexy in any case, so make sure to do plenty of it.

Have Fun

I really can’t overemphasize how much a childlike sense of fun and adventure is key.  Flirt outrageously and laugh.  Sex is deadly serious, but it’s also deadly serious fun.


Don’t forget, these communication skills are things you can put into use in your daily life.  The better you are at communicating and reading people, the better your life will go.  This goes for work and business, friendship, relationships and hobbies.  So get going with reading people and watch your life unfold.


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