Quantum Sex Coaching will take you on a journey into the depths of your being.  It’s about going within to find your true self and integrating your sexuality with every part of your being.

Most people think that sexuality is something that’s shameful.  We call it naughty, even if in fun, not realising that our sexuality is our life-force.  No surprise because our western culture tells us that sex needs to be put in a box and separated from the rest of ourselves.  That if we do not suppress it, it will turn into a violent and perverse monster that will destroy us.

Be aware that this is not how most cultures in the world have viewed sexuality.  In fact, before the advent of the monetheistic religions, pantheistic and goddess worshipping cultures embraced their sexuality as sacred.  The Tantrists in India, who have left their mark on modern day Hinduism and Buddhism, believed that sexuality was sacred.  In fact, practicing sexual meditations could lead one to enlightenment.

Across the mountains in China, the Taoists had developed a complex system of sexology that was popular from pauper all the way up to the Emperor.  They believed that sexual energy was the key to longevity and good health.  Across the world, from Asia to Africa and South America, people had the same relationship with their sexuality.  Embracing their sexuality didn’t result in wanton perversion, rather relaxed, happy and healthy people.

To many Westerners this may sound unbelievable.  Indeed, we think of sex as going hand in hand with crime.  Yet to understand these sultures, we need to look into how they related to their sexuality, because it’s not the same as we do to ours.

The most significant point is that there was no shaming about sexuality.  No idea of sex or pleasure as being sinful or wrong.  In fact, it was embraced and understood as a significant part of who they were.

It’s almost impossible to grow up in Western culture without being affected by the notion that sex is dirty.  Unless you have done a significant amount of self-work around it, when sexual energy arises, the emotion of shame will also rise up.  This is the reason why people feel urgency to have sex and to orgasm.  This is why people feel the need to masturbate to ejaculation and to watch porn.

When the sexual energy and guilt complex is very strong, in a bid to release the energy, people engage in harmful sexual behaviour and sex crimes.  The guilt of monotheism has literally polluted our life force.  IT’s not jsut about our pleasure, it’s about becoming who we are.  That’s because pure sexual energy is literally a superfood for our souls.  It has the power to fuel our creativity and to heal us; it quite literally is our superpower.

The really amazing thing about Quantum Sex Coaching is that it’s a system of healing and optimising ourselves through pleasure.  It’s about healing the basic sexual problems, it’s about full body and multiple orgasms, yet it’s also about so much more.

It’s about tapping into the most powerful energy that you have to become the best person that you can be.

Through the process of Quantum Sex Coaching, you will learn to clear away the negative emotions that cause lack of sensitivity and numbness, as well as to orgasm as and when you want to. You will learn to take complete control of your energy, including your sexual energy. Also, you will learn to transform your sexual energy into anything that you want.

Ancient people understood that their sexual energy rose like a fountain in their perineum.  In Tantra, it’s called the base chakra, in Taoism, the Hui Yin or million dollar point.  From here, the energy naturally travels up our body through a meridian known in Chinese Medicine as the Chong Mai. 

As it travels up, it nourishes the aspects of your personality, such as your creativity and ability to love.  It literally heals your body and glands on a cellular level.  In other words, it rejuvenates your body and makes you younger. 

(I was joking with my web designer that Kofi looks ridiculously young for his age.  She said, “Aren’t there any pictures where he looks older?”  He likes it though and says it’s proof that what he’s doing is working).

Indeed, tapping into our sexual energy gives us super human strength.  Whenever I see Mantak Chia, I just can’t believe he’s almost 80.  And the host of instructors he trained have this kind of ageless glow and vitality to them.

When things start going sexually wrong with us, it’s a sign that we need to look deep within ourselves.  Viagra and lube are not the answer, we literally need to make friends again with our sexuality.  Through doing this, not only do we get back our pleasure, we literally become the best people that we can be.