The question of what are orgasms immediately takes us into a mystical realm.  Of course we can talk about how orgasms are muscular contractions.  This is from a Western Science perspective.  However, to really understand orgasms, it helps to take a look elsewhere.

Let’s Look at What are Orgasms

Ancient esoteric cultures like Taoism and Tantra studied the science of orgasms.  These were cultures where sex was not taboo. Because of this, they could look at sxuality logically and rationally.

In fact, sexuality was highly respected and openly talked about back then.  The popularity of these traditions today is largely down to their open discussion of sexuality.  They put it in the context of spiritual and self-develoment.  Westerners find extremely attractive.  It is a stark juxtaposition to the condemnation in our religions.

The Mystical Science of What Are Orgasms

If you are familiar with these traditions will have heard of the term orgasm being used in various ways.  You may say “an orgasm” whereas in Tantra the terms orgasmic state or full body orgasm are used.  Then there is ejaculation, a word that we tend to consider synonymous to orgasm.

In Tantra it is not the same.

what are orgasms?

Understanding the Mystical Science of Orgasms

Taoism has recorded enormous amounts of information about orgasms.  It is a science of energy from ancient China.  Their obsession was basically to increase their energy.  They also wanted to achieve immortality.

They understood that sexual and orgasmic energy was key to health, vitality and longevity.  Much of Chinese Medicine practiced today is based on Taoist principles.

Taoists observed the system of energy meridians.  This is known of course in acupuncture.  Less people of course know that the original supply of energy is the jing, aka sexual energy.  This comes out of the first acupuncture meridian, which is in your perineum.

One form of this energy is orgasmic energy, in other words, what you feel what you are horny.  This energy naturally seeks to rise up your body though a meridian called the Chong Mai.  It’s purpose is to renew your body with it’s life giving force.  After all, it is the same energy that creates life.

Differentiating Orgasms, Orgasmic States and Ejaculation

Let’s have a look at these terms:

What are Orgasms: The Different Types

Orgasmic State

When you become aroused, if you are relaxed (specifically relaxed breathing) the energy will flood up your body.  This is an orgasmic state.  You will generally feel tingling or vibration.  It is highly pleasurable and relaxing, a kind of high feeling.  Actually, it can even go on for hours.

Full Body Orgasms

As your sexual energy builds up, the sensations become more dramatic.  It can take on the form of jerking and shaking.  This is a full body orgasm.  Itcan go on for some time.  It can also happen repeatedly, as in multiple orgasms.

Energy Orgasms

An energy orgasm is a vibration that moves up your body.  When you meditate a lot, these can become common.  They usually are not sexual, although they are pleasurable.

Male Ejaculation

If a man’s meridians are blocked, the sexual energy will release out of the penis.  This is what an ejaculation is.  The reason why men practice semen retention is to avoid the loss of this energy.

Female Single Orgasms

If a woman’s meridians are blocked, the sexual energy will travel down the legs instead.  This means she loses the energy through the orgasm.  It’s characterised by a single orgasm.  You probably then feel tiredness, and may feel like disconnecting.

Female Ejaculation

Unlike male ejaculation, female ejaculation is known for it’s health benefits.  The woman releases several kinds of fluids.  These purportedly release toxins.  According to esoteric philosophy, this also releases repressed anger.  According to Tantric philosophy, it is considered essential for healing.

It is important you stay hydrated when doing this.  Also, as with all things, balance is key.  Don’t overdo it.

The energy that men lose through ejaculation, women lose through menstruation.

What are Orgasms Benefits and Disadvantages

There is much debate about the benefits of orgasms.  The practice of semen retention is becoming popular, and with it the idea orgasm is bad.  The reason for the practice is so that a man can preserve his energy.  It is an ancient tradition that was racticed in ancient China by Emperors.

To be precise, it is the male ejaculation that is to be avoided.  You do not need to avoid pleasure or sex to do this.  But you may well need to learn to master your sexual energy.  This can be easily learned through the practice of sexual alchemy.

It is not about good or bad. Rather, about understanding what your energy is doing.  This is so that you can understand what benefits you.  The next step of course is learning to master your energy.

Then you can use it to benefit your health and energy levels.  The ancient Taoists even used it in their quest for immortality.

It is that powerful.

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