How To Masturbate

How to Masturbate? Of course it is something that comes naturally.  Yet there is so much in your technique that is not just about enhancing your pleasure.  It is also about your sexual performance, health and energy levels.

One thing that a lot of people seem to miss is actually how delicate sexual organs actually are.  Indeed, these are organs, and all organs are delicate.  The muscles and tissues that make up our sexual organs can be damaged.  However, you can also touch and massage yourself to optimise your health.

How Do You Treat Your Sexual Organs?

How To Masturbate

What is the Best Masturbation Technique

Is it with tenderness, love and respect? Or do you force and pressure yourself, as if you were whipping a donkey?

Sexual organs are capable of an incredible amount of sensation from very gentle touch.  Most people don’t realise this, or that by applying rough touch, the tissues become desensitised.

So many of my male clients treat their sexual organs brutally. They ignore their penis most of the time, because they don’t ahve a good relationship with their sexualihen it screams to them for attention they respond by roughly jerking to elicit an ejaculation, then quickly going back to ignoring it.

This jerking tends to ignore most of the male errogenous anatomy, just focusing on a small section of the shaft. The jerking damages delicate tissues and ligaments, sometimes reducing penis size by several inches and reducing the strength of erections.

The Importance of Your Relationship with Your Sexual Organs

This relationship is about swinging between two extremes, ignoring and overstimulation. Somewhere in the middle lies a place of respect, admiration and harmony with your masculinity.

A cock represents masculine energy of course. It needs to be honoured in its physical form.

If you roughly grope yourself how could you even hope to give pleasure to a woman? Female sexual organs are extremely delicate.  She responds to gentle touch.  Many women flinch at the grabbing and aggression that is common from men.  They are too afraid to say anything, and just stay silent.  Later down the line, they go off of sex completely.

How To Masturbate for Health and Vitality

Cultivating a loving relationship with your penis is how to overcome urges. That’s because when you love your cock, your heart energy activates.  It initiates an alchemical process that pulls the sexual energy up towards it.  This energy can then nourish your body and fuel your creativity.

Then you don’t need to be afraid to practice self massage or explore pleasure and breath. This is a healthy way to practice experiencing sexual energy.  In other words, later with your partner, so you can get in control before the moment arises and be prepared.

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