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Nine Tips and Techniques to Increase Pleasure. Understand why you aren’t feeling or have lost sensation.  Learn how to get back your feeling of pleasure.

The human body is naturally capable to incredible sensitivity to pleasure.  In fact, pleasure is nature’s way of telling us that we are in good health.  What is more, pleasure is not just confined to the genitals, in fact it’s something we can feel everywhere.  However, your ability to feel pleasure and to sustain that feeling in the long run, is dependant on some important factors.

In this blog, I will guide you through how to increase your capacity to hold pleasure.  These tips work whether you have always lacked pleasure sensitivity, or are looking to reconnect with lost sensations.  You can use these tips to bring back your sensual pleasure and return the life to your body.

The Link between Relaxation and How to Increase Pleasure

The most important thing that you can be aware of is that lack of sensitivity relates to tension in your body.  In other words, if you are stressed and unable to realx, this is a major issue.  When you are tense, the nerves in your body are affected because they are compacted.  The first thing you need to relax.

Once you have started to relax, the energy that gives you the sensation of pleasure will start to fill your body.  That’s when you will start to regain sensitivity.

increase sensation of pleasure

Increase Sensation of Pleasure

You can follow these simple tips to bring your nerves back to life and get your juicy energy flowing:

Empty your Mind and Let Go!

Let go of your thoughts and stop worrying.  Indeed, you don”t need to constantly mentally process things.  It’s OK just to feel in your body too.

Breathe into Your Belly

The way you Breathe is everything about how relaxed or tense you are.  Because of this, it’s the make or break in your capacity to experience pleasure.  You can practice lying down and breathing into your belly to increase your pleasure sensation.

Meditate with Your Body to Increase Pleasure

Spending time with your body is the best way to get to know it.  You cna find out where you are tense and consciously relax these parts, instead of unconcsioulsy holding onto tension.

Move Your Body

Movement that stretches all of your tendons and opens your joint is really important for relaxing your body.  Additionally, it also allows the magical pleasure energy to move.

Get Regular Massages to Increase Pleasure

Receiving any kind of relaxes you and brings you into your body.  There are some types of massage specifically aimed at working with your energy and increasing your sensations like sexological bodywork and Tantric and Taoist Massage.

Slow Down and Be in the Present

You can start to slow down, and feel more into every moment of your life.  By appreciating every moment, you feel it more too.

Get into a Healthy Relationship With Your Emotions

Accept your emotions.  Learn to feel them, including uncomfortable ones.  Sit with them and accept them.  If you are repressing your emotions it significantly reduces your capacity to feel.

Ditch the Porn and Self-Pleasure in a Conscious Way

Porn disconnects you from your body and reduces your capcity to experience pleasure.  It’s better instead to self-pleasure with your eyes shut while focusing on the sensations in your body.

Practice Slow Sex to Increase Pleasure

Stop rushing into sex and slow down.  Don’t do it with ejaculation as end goal.  Do it to feel the sensation and to enjoy every moment.

Your Journey to Your Pleasure

Your bodies has enormous capacity for pleasure.  How much you feel is really dependent on how you treat your body.  Your body is your temple and it needs to be cared for.  Indeed, if you brutalise yourself don’t be surprised when your body shuts down.

If you follow these simple steps, you can reconnect with your body.  Moreover, you can learn to control the amount of energy your body holds.  This means that you can control your sensations and you can bring your body back to it’s natural and healthy state of pleasure.

Honestly, you can do it!



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