What is Quantum Sex Coaching?

Quantum Sex Coaching takes you onto the next level with your sexual journey. 

We look deep into where your sexuality resides, not just in your head but in your body. Going deep into the body, we find the quantum field. This is the space between atoms where your energy resides. 

Energy, like sexual energy, simply doesn’t exist in the physical world alone. To fully experience your sexuality, you must make a relationship with the energy. This means moving beyond physical stimulation and learning to take control of the energy and using it to shape your experience.

Are you looking for a deeper experience with your sexuality? 

Do you want to master the energy, to control exactly when you orgasm and to choose what kind of orgasm that you have?

You are capable of infinite pleasure, and we are here to provide you with the key to access that dimension. 

Our job is to facilitate you to understand how your sexuality works. We are here to give you the tools to take control and become a satisfied master.

Here’s what you can expect

Our passion is to teach humanity to have an integrated and embodied relationship with their sexuality. 

This means that sexuality is no longer a part of yourself that you separate from yourself, but it becomes a part of your whole. Sexual energy is our life force. It’s the most pure and wholesome thing you have.

Sexuality is what gave birth to you, it’s what flows through every cell in your being. 

Through a healthy relationship with your sexuality, you become healthy, creative, loving and enlightened. Pleasure isn’t naughty. In fact, our sexuality hates it when we demonise it. It’s pure and whole, and pleasure is the key to good health.

We help clients with things like

learning to have multiple and full body orgasms
learning to control when they ejaculate
overcoming sexual guilt and shame
learning to self-pleasure to improve health, relaxation and overcome porn addiction
sexual techniques to make your love-life [xxx]

A lot of the conventional advice is difficult to apply when having a sexual or relationship problem. 

We can give you simple techniques to learn how to get what you want from your sexual energy. 

We combine modern scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with techniques come from the ancient Taoist sexological arts and from Tantra. 

This gives you the benefits of modern science together with the wisdom of ancient cultures which studied sex in intricate details exactly because they didn’t have sexual guilt. 

In fact, they believed a great relationship with sexuality was key to health, happiness and enlightenment. That’s why they were able to understand sexuality and learn to use it to its optimum. 

You, too, can learn to embrace your sexuality as the key to life itself and embrace pleasure for all its healing capacity. 

After and unhappy relationship and using a lot of porn, I had lost the feeling of sexual pleasure. I did a coaching session with Jade and after a single session I started to feel pleasure in my body again. She gave me some simple and fun techniques that brought me back to the feelings I had before. I also realised that my sex life was being driven by guilt that I had since childhood. I realised this had been driving my sexual behaviour. With the techniques I learned, I have reconnected with my body, my penis and my sexuality.

Mark, 34

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