Jade is an acupuncturist and bodyworker with a background in Law.  She also is a certified Universal Healing Tao Instructor and Tantra Educator.

Jade originally studied for a degree in Law at King’s College.  During her degree she became increasingly aware that something was totaly mising from her life.  Her passion with law was to help people, and yet she discovered that not only was she working with a deeply flawed system, she herself needed to do a huge amount of work on herself to correct her own flaws.

Once she graduated, she went on a path of self-discovery.  This took her to India where she learned about Tantra and Yoga. During this time she realised her sexual energy was completely blocked, which was leading to her suffering ill health and depression.

The defining moment in her life came when she found a book by Mantak Chia in a small bookshop.  In that book, she encountered the idea of energy, and indeed the importance of sexual energy. She started to learn about Taoism and to put Taoist practices into her life.  Through these practices, she unblocked her sexual energy, going from anorgasmic to multi-orgasmic in just a few weeks.

As her energy started to flow, she experienced drastic improvements in her health.  Perpetual back pain disappeared, as well as frequent colds and insomnia.  Most importantly, she went from feeling unsure about who she was and where she was going, to be focused and clear about her path ahead.

Soon she realised that the corporate world would not bring her happiness so she began a degree in Chinese medicine.  She also is qualified in Bowen Therapy as well as Tantric and Taoist Bodywork, Chi Nei Tsang and Karsai Nei Tsang.

Her study and practice of Taoist Practices, together with her experience of working with clients bodies, lead her to realise the importance of sexual energy.  She realised that most of the suffering of her clients came down to a bad relationship with their sexuality.

Jade does a tremendous amount of work.  People ask her how she can do it, and the answer is simple.  She transforms her sexual energy into love and creativity, and uses this to manifest her creations.