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There are so many types of Orgasm


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Our Sexuality is the most natural way to heal our bodies

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tap into the Quantum Field and learn to master Energy

Sexual Energy is the most powerful energy that you have. We can’t escape it, but we can learn to come into a harmonious relationship with it and use it to it’s fullest. 

What you can do with your sexual energy

Sexual Energy is a Versatile Energy that can be used for just about anything.  The Taoists call it a superfood for the soul.  That’s because it amplifies anything that we already have.


It’s powerful enough to create a new life and it can heal your body on a cellular level


You can channel your excess sexual energy into art, sports or your


Nature gave us pleasure to relieve stress and make us happy, and that in itself is a gift


Sexuality is the most natural path to enlightenment and higher consciousness

Client Testimonials

Feedback about Quantum Sex Coaching

Since our session together I have been putting into practise all the advice Jade gave me and have noticed some amazing results. Not only do I feel more in my heart, but I am able to control my arousal levels.


Another important part of what we learned was how to stimulate the movement of energy around the body, which keeps me more in tune with what my partner’s needs and has given me a sort of map of what can happen during tantric sex.


“Jade is insightful and caring. She creates a safe and trusting space, with a focus on energy circulation, combining ritual and sensuality with intelligence and intuition. An energising journey of exploration and relaxation.


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